sabato 21 maggio 2011

Cordoba Province and Bolivia Crossing

After 300 Km hiking in New Zealand, 93 Km in Patagonia's go to discover the Province of Cordoba and Bolivia. I'll cross Bolivia by Train to get the Cordillera Real.
Another exciting adventure sponsored by Giorgio's House.

Here (Here I am)  you'll be able to check my position (when I can actualize it of course)  and here I'll try to write about my trip . (My adventure in Cordoba province and Bolivia)

domenica 13 febbraio 2011

Ben Lomond + Arthur's Point - 8 hours hiking 23.7 km- 2.200 mt ascent

Queenstown Trekking – Ben Lomond + Arthur’s point. 23.7 Km 2.200 mt ascent

 Yesterday I went to the DOC to check the weather forecast for today….RAIN, RAIN, RAIN…..well…this morning I woke up and…no rain at all!!...Anyway I preferred to wait…but at 9.30 the weather looked even better so….I agree that the weather forecasts are CRAP in all the world and I decided to get out. 10.00 am I started this very nice hiking. You go uphill from the very beginning…I got the Bel Lomond Summit in 2 hours 20 minutes (7.3 Km and 1.450 mt ascent) 

The panorama was great…I loved that place…after 30 minutes the weather became more cloudy so….I decided to get down quickly cause I wanted to attempt the Arthur’s point as well. 

 During my walk I met a very nice girl….oops…her name is a bit difficult…but I write as I pronounce – Brady :o) She didn’t know if going up to the summit of Ben Lomond or try to get the Arthur’s point
 ….I started for the Arthur’s point and after a while I saw that she was behind me so…I decided to wait for her and we’ll share this great walk together . At the beginning the path was clear but after some miles…all the indications disappeared!!!!…we walked and walked and walked…I don’t know if we got the Arthur’s Point but for sure we climbed all the peaks ;o)

23.7 Km and 2.200 mt ascent….it was a great day….the clouds were dark behind us but…not a drop of rain…wow….!!!...

 When we got back we decide to have a super Indian Dinner together…YUMMY….I loved it :o)) Great hike, great company great food and….no rain….I couldn’t wish more!!! :o)
Finally I got back to the hostel to take a shower and……woooow….a Huge Rain arrived!!!! I couldn’t believe…. Destiny? :o)

giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

Milford Sound Track - 54 Km of wonderful hiking

Wow...I loved this track. 54 Km through the Rain Forest then going up to the mountains and then down again to the forest.

Wonderful lakes and waterfalls and a lot of nice hikers from all over the world...a very nice couple from Japan and 2 great hiker couples from New Zealand and Germany.

This hike is amazing. They take you by boat to the begining (the landscape is stunning) and then you start the trek to the first hut. Just 5.6 Km. The next days 16 Km per day in average.

 It it's called Rain Forest there is a reason ;o) ready for the rein...anyway I was lucky....I didn't get too much :o) Book well in advance during the peak season cause only 40 hikers per day are admitted

The "funny thing" is that at the same time another  45 people group came with the guides...they actually are not real hikers but people with money that travel very light and can spend 2.700 NZ$ during 4 days to have everything super organized ;o) This is another type of  what they call.... "adventure" :o)

 Here I diecovered a Bit of "Sicilianity" in New Zealand....yep...cause someone told me that about 30 years ago, a person who knew someone at the DOC got the permission to build 3 huts in the middle of a Public nature Ares (NO more possible) and he made this organization cannot have anyu competitor now...I mean...the importance to know the right person in the right moment ;o)

This trekking is not very difficult but the rain can make it more difficult and cold. You'll see a lot of birds, plants...Something that you'll never forget.

venerdì 4 febbraio 2011

Te Anau

Te Anau

Te Anau is a small town (I mean almost a village) on the south of New Zealand.  It’s nice and next to the lake. Very clean. Like almost all the towns in New Zealand there is nothing to do except drinking or shopping (anyway more expensive than in Europe – especially hiking shops)
 I am staying here for2 days waiting for the next “wet hiking” in Millford Sound. Yep…the weather forecasts are bad for the next days.
I am spending 3 nights at Backpackers Front Lake Hostel. The staff is ok…not really friendly. The place is not bad but 1 bathroom for 3 rooms (about 12 persons) is not so good….They advertise WIFI internet…well…I purchased it…(Very expensive) 1 hour 5 NZ$!!!...I got 4 hours but after my log in I realized that it was the slowest internet connection I have had since I was in New Zealand!!!...

I got angry…..people (all very young kids (17/24) looked me like a strange person….cause they use to accept anything (they’ll learn with the age) and at the end the staff refunded me all the amount I aid for the internet “disconnection”!!  They were not happy….yep cause usually the guys  don’t use to protest even if they are not satisfied…so…I was considered the….”Black Sheep” ;o)

Anyway I got another  WIFI connection that was  much better and cheaper as well from another closer hotel and the signal was strong enough.
I went to the DOC to ask some information about my next trek to Millford Sound….wow…they showed me a  small paper with the weather forecast (just a copy) and they even didn’t give me one…what a cheap people!!!...I mean…I paid almost 300 NZ$ to make this trek so…..They could give me at least a copy of  the weather forecasts…at the DOC  you can find some nice persons or sometimes some unfriendly ones…it depends on how they slept the night before I  guess ;o)
 Then I had a nice walk next to the lake and finally I went to buy a waterproof liquid for my clothes. Then I got a Pizza and an Omlette for less than 20 NZ$ (You can drink all the water you want for free) , not bad.